Thursday, September 24, 2009

you never know who you'll see at walmart

there's this hilarious website where people submit pics they've taken of other people inside walmarts everywhere. here's the link if you need a good laugh: my point to all that is you never know who you'll see at walmart.....

marc, morgan, and i ran to walmart this evening to grab some tape (yes, we HAD to have it...) . we went to the one on harbison since we were in that general area anyway, and as we got out of our van i noticed these 2 guys who seemed veeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyy out of place walking in the parking lot headed to the door. they had on white dress shirts with ties and dark dress pants. very spiffy, i thought, but definitely not your normal walmart shoppers whatsoever. marc recognized the one guy right away and said, "hey, that's the high profiled guy who secretly was in argentina with somebody he shouldn't have been recently" - okay, he didn't say it that way, but i'm not about to type his name in case it gets googled and pops up. you know, for my own safety. ha! anyway, i made the comment that i better not wink or smile at him or anything because he might want to meet me somewhere... but then i realized i wasn't really dressed to impress so i scratched that whole thought process. we got really curious as to why in the world would he be at walmart ON HARBISON of all places in the world he could be so we decided to track him down in the store and see what he was up to. we found him in the sporting goods section - doing what? i have no idea. my guess was that he's trying to get a gun. or a fishing license. who knows? it was just so odd. as we walked by he looked at us so marc said, "how y'all doing?" and we kept on going. i really wish i had my camera with me because i would have asked if i could have my picture taken with him. it would have added so much to this blog post. :-) oh well, maybe next time when we spot somebody in WALMART of all places who looks very out of place i'll have my camera with me.

you never know who you'll see at walmart. that's all i know.

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